UberConference Launch Video

UberConference needed a series of launch videos to accompany a product redesign in December 2013. The main video would be used at the top of the homepage to welcome new customers.

UberConference launched a redesigned version of their product in December 2013 and needed a series of videos to accompany the launch. The primary video would be placed at the top of the homepage, so it was important to stay relevant and strike the right tone.

As conference calls are universally regarded as a frustrating experience, the video was conceived as an empathetic reminder that 1) yes, conference calls are annoying but 2) with UberConference, they are really awesome. A simple concept was crafted: depict frustrating and relatable conference call situations.

Each scene is meant to ignite some terrifying memory in the minds of business people everywhere — constant interruptions, long PIN numbers, total confusion, etc. UberConference elegantly solves all these problems, so the video becomes a comforting checklist as it were, of things you won’t ever have to worry about anymore.

The video was shot as part of a series, so the production had to be crammed into a two day shoot. All footage was captured on the RED Epic at 4K using Cooke S4 Prime Lenses. Multiple office locations were used throughout San Francisco. Crew size was three.

The launch of the new design went extremely well. The video on the homepage serves as a great introduction to the pain points the product addresses. Check out UberConference here.