Switch Launch Video

Switch is a business-grade phone system built for Google Apps users, from the same team that built UberConference. Switch launched in October 2014; this video was crafted for their launch.

Switch’s offering is very straightforward, but resides in the often complex world of enterprise communications. The script was intended to be very to the point, and present the benefits of the app in a direct and step-by-step manor.

The video tells the story of Clive, a small business owner who runs his business’s communications through Switch. You quickly see how easily he has set up his business with a phone system, the features Switch offers him, and how simple it is compared to the competition.

The video was shot on location in San Francisco on RED cameras with the DSMC AL Canon Mount. A 35mm 1.4 Canon lens was used to shoot the entire video. Onscreen graphics were done in After Effects and the final edit was done in Premier. The music is a custom composition, written specficialy for this video.