Poof – Disappearing App Promo

Poof was created as a production experiment to test a variety of technical elements. We shot on the Sony F55 and worked with a few new collaborators to create this stylish promo.

  • Writer/Director:  Alex Cornell
  • Actress:  Vanessa Curry
  • Stylist:  Tanja Lippert
  • PA:  Justin Germek
  • Location:  Fairmont CA

Poof is packaged as a satirical app concept, aimed to poke fun at the current superfluous app landscape. All things considered, the Poof project was a great success. Here is an article in Fast Company. It turned out to be a much bigger and more involved project that originally anticipated. Here are some random production notes:

Shot on the Sony F55. great camera. Especially in testing the image was spectacular. I would shoot on it again, though good gosh it’s got massive file sizes in raw mode. Basically just would need to make sure to black balance, shoot off the waveform not zebras, and get a better daylight monitor (DP7 daylight oled). Shot Canon glass, seemed great, though it was really hard to get focus! Like impossible (though in the end, I got it…just with time).

Used the Astra’s because the Celeb kino wasn’t anywhere close to bright enough. The house presented an interesting challenge given that it was basically one big window. Had a lot of light to compete against. The Astra’s were able to perform, though they always needed to be full power and very close to have any sort of impact. I do think I can get by on the next job with them, but I want to get the battery back and maybe a light card to measure white balance.

I think I wrote the script in September! The script itself evolved quite a bit over the weeks. For a long time I had the initial draft which I was planning to shoot, but as we got closer I widdled it down multiple times. Hearing it in the previs helped me firm it up, but also adhering to the ‘no wasted word’ flow I’ve gotten good at helped a lot.