Goji Videos

Goji is a project by Last Co, which takes advantage of iOS8 custom keyboards. Moonbase made a series of video to support the website and app.

  • Client:  Last Co.
  • Shot on:  C100
  • DP:  Alex Cornell

Visually striking, Goji is more than just another emoji keyboard. The icons here actually have function, and conceal a fair amount of location-based smarts which provide recommendations for activities and places to go.

Moonbase provided four total videos for Goji, all of which follow a similar “in-hand” stylistic approach. The goal was to simply show the app in action. Two of the videos are part of the onboarding process, and the other two are loops on the homepage. In each case, clarity of the UI was paramount, along with a visual splash of color and excitement.

The videos were shot in San Francisco, using the city’s colorful wall murals as backdrops. Shot on the C100 with limited editing and finishing in Premier and After Effects. Everything was shot live, as opposed to green screen, which introduced some challenges but produced a much more realistic result. Download the app and check it out!