Cellphones Make You Flaky

Cellphones make everything easier, including the ability to be flaky as %#@*. In the landline-days of old, a plan had to be a solid commitment. Now, it more closely resembles a series of nebulous inklings.

We made this video. It is intended as a very direct PSA, to remind people that they are becoming increasingly unreliable and we don’t like it.

The script is cutting and direct, leaving no room for niceties or hedges. While it may be a relatively trivial issue globally, flakiness affects our time, and this is something we take very seriously. We hate it when people are late. You are fired it you are late.

The shoot itself was quite simple; most of the work was done upfront, in the writing of the script. Multiple versions were penned, but the final one was completed by a small team of two in one day. It was shot the following day and edited the next. This video was probably one of the fastest and lightest weight projects we’ve completed. Two people, three days.

The message is delivered in a stark white environment to focus the viewer and also allow for a clean canvas to display the example text messages. Everything was shot on a C300 with Canon L series lenses. Audio was captured on site using Senhieser lavalieres. Edited and graded in Premier with limited motion graphics added in After Effects. We had wanted to shoot in an empty white room for some time and were pleased to finally get to pull something off using one.

Remember, your cellphone is your primary device for making plans. More specifically, the medium with which most plans are conceived and later altered. It’s imperative that you keep your cellphone on your person at all times, as you can expect all plans to dissolve into an amorphous cloud upon conception. A plan meanwhile was once heralded as a firm commitment to an event in the future, though now is largely considered to be a string of noncommittal text messages leading up to a series of potential, though unlikely, events.

Don’t make it worse. Don’t be flaky. Don’t be late.