About Moonbase

Moonbase is a creative studio based in San Francisco. We use a deft combination of mischief and precision to craft videos built for the web. Our work is strikingly peculiar, with a dash of elegance thrown in to make it fit and proper. We’re a small, clever shop that won’t overcomplicate things. Our projects can be seen here.

While the studio keeps the lights on, Moonbase is also a blog about creative process and inspiration. On the blog you’ll find process videos, gear write-ups, behind-the-scenes, visual inspiration and more. Moonbase is a great place to learn about film and design. We encourage you to come back often and see what’s new.


Stefan Cassell

Stefan Cassell

Stefan Cassel is a contributing writer to the Moonbase blog. An award-winning designer from San Francisco, Stefan specializes in combing the internet for amazing things and sharing them with you. In his spare time he avoids entering design competitions.


To get in touch about a potential project, please email contact@moonbase.com or use the form below. Please include a brief overview of what you’re working on. If you’d like to submit work or post-ideas for the Moonbase blog, please email them to contact@moonbase.com.